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121 N 4th St
Brooklyn, NY 11249
p: 215.694.6793

Roosevelt 2 Bathhouse (historic Saratoga Springs bathhouse being renovated as a health and wellness center by NY State).

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Guild House Hotel (Philadelphia-based former home of the New Century Club, the precursor to the Women's Rights Movement, being turned into a boutique hotel). 

715 Lake Drive. Home being renovated by the owners of Louis Kahn's Margaret Esherick House. I'll be photographing the final product in April for Dwell.

Dorothy Shipley White House. Famous Philadelphia-based home built by Romaldo Giurgola. Now currently in planning stages for massive renovation. I got in there before it started but the architect has since seen these photos and requested I document construction when it starts. The home is protected by Philadelphia's Historical Society.

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